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Master of Science in Natural Resources Conservation

Abridged Academic Calendar

Summer Semester 2022 (12 weeks; New cohort: 14-day residency/11 credits; Returning cohort: 2-day residency/2 credits)
(N.B.: Students are advised to conduct any necessary pre-program academic preparation in statistics and/or GIS as soon as they are admitted. Students are to consult with the appropriate Graduate Studies faculty to develop a plan of study.)

Monday May 2        Pre-Program Academic Preparation (online: GIS, Statistics, etc.)

Monday May 16      Program begins: Pre-Residency online coursework (Entering cohort)

First Week of Semester Introductory class meetings for all summer courses

Sunday June 12       Summer Master’s Residency dormitory check-in, 3-7 pm

Monday June 13     Summer Master’s Residency Begins, 8:00 am

Friday June 17         Summer Master’s Residency begins 12:00 pm (Second year cohort)

Sunday June 19       Summer Master’s Residency ends 12:00 pm (Second year cohort)

Saturday June 25    Summer Master’s Residency Ends, 11:00 am

Friday July 8             Payment for Fall 2022 Semester Due

Thursday August 11 Summer Master’s Residency final projects due, 11:59 pm

Monday August 15   Summer Master’s Residency grades submitted by instructors

*Graduating cohort eligible to participate in general college commencement ceremonies, on campus, in December or May following successful submission of final project.

Fall Semester 2022 (Standard semester; 10 credits)

Tuesday August 23         Courses begin

Tuesday August 30          Last day to add/change courses

Friday September 30       Incompletes due

Monday October 10         Indigenous People’s Day

Thursday October 21       Last day to drop classes with WP/WF. Courses will be listed as “F” after this date.

Mon-Fri Oct 24-Nov 11    Advance Registration for Spring 2022 semester

Mon-Fri Nov 21-25           Thanksgiving Recess

Friday December 2          December Master’s Residency check in, 1:00 pm

Friday December 2          December Master’s Residency begins, 2:00 pm

Sunday December 4        December Master’s Residency ends, 12:00 pm

Sunday December 11      Due day for remaining graduate coursework

Tuesday December 13     Final Grades Due 12:00 pm

Monday December 19     Payment for Spring 2022 Semester Due

Spring Semester 2023 (Standard semester; 9 credits)

Tuesday January 24         Master’s Core Course and 2 Elective Courses begin

Tuesday January 31         Last day to add/change courses

Wednesday February 22 Last day to drop course without Notation of Withdrawal Grade (WP or WF) on Transcript

Monday February 20       President’s Day – No Classes

Friday March 3                  Incompletes Due

Mon-Fri Mar 11-17           Mid-Semester Recess

Friday March 24               Last day to drop classes with WP/WF. Courses will be listed as “F” after this date.

Mon-Fri Mar 27-Apr 14   Advance Registration for Summer 2023 and Fall 2023 Semesters

Wednesday April 5          Last day to submit paperwork for graduation

Monday May 2                 Master’s courses end (standard term)

Friday May 8                    Payment for Summer 2023 Semester Due

Saturday May 13             Commencement

Monday May 15               Final Grades Due, 12:00 Noon

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